About us

What you should know

KDC Dental Care founded in 1997 and has been successful in providing treatment since then. We use the most advanced dental technology and have proved to be one among the best dental clinic chain in India. We provide quality dental care in a happy, professional and caring environment.

We provide WORLD CLASS DENTAL TREATMENTS. AT REASONABLE CHARGES with complete Oral rehabilitation including Fillings, Gum care, Root canal treatment (RCT), Multiple replacement with either implants or Fixed bridge, Removable and Complete dentures, Whitening of teeth using lasers, Cosmetic dental treatments, Smile designing, Depigmentation, Implants, Orthodontic treatment etc.

We at KDC believe in creating Healthy & Beautiful Smiles. At our clinic, personalized care is rendered.

It is commonly seen that 80% of our population are suffering from Dental problems. These problems are due to the lack of awareness, negligence and high cost of dental treatments. The problems are much more prevalent in civilized people due to high consumption of sticky food, sweet and junk food.

To overcome the above problems to certain extent KDC Group of Dental Clinics are striving hard to create Dental awareness.

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Our Specialities

Root Canal Treatment, Gum treatment, LASER treatment, Instant Crown, Dental Implants, OPG, Braces, Laser Dentistry, Aesthetic Dentistry, Tooth colored filling, Teeth Whitening, Smile correction, Dentures.

- We have in-house OPG (Full Mouth Digital X-Ray) in our clinic at Rajarajeshwari Nagar

In-House Laser unit is available in all our Branches.

We use Endomotors, Apex Locators and Loops for doing Root Canal Treatment, Most of the Root Canal is done in Single Visit using latest techniques and Equipment’s.

We have In-House Specialist in our branches to provide best treatments in short duration.
  • Endodontist – Root Canal Specialist
  • Prosthodontist – Teeth Specialist
  • Periodontist - Gum Specialist
  • Orthodontist – Braces / Clip Specialist
  • Pedodontist - Child Specialist
  • Oral Pathologist – Specialist in Oral Lesions
  • Implantologist - Implant Specialist