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IMPORTANT NOTE: Before going for replacement try to retain whatever existing natural teeth (even roots with good condition can be saved) One, two or any number of teeth present helps us to give best treatment options and also reduces the cost.

It is always advisable to retain natural teeth as long as possible. Various advanced dental procedures help to correct most of the dental problems [Decay, Gum diseases, accidents etc]. If the teeth are already lost then it becomes necessary to get it replaced at the earliest or else it may lead to gap formation in-between other existing teeth, cause difficulty in eating / talking & also affects the beauty of an individual.

Various options for replacement of lost teeth:

1.Dental Implants:

Most advanced and best way of replacing teeth. It simulates the natural teeth in terms of function, looks (Aesthetic) and gives confidience to an individual. Single, multiple or all teeth can be replaced by this method.

2.Bridges / Fixed Teeth:

Most prevalent & second best way of replacement of adjacent teeth are healthy. Various materials like metal, Ceramic, Zirconia etc. are used for this.

3.Precision Attachment:

It is a semifixed denture which can be placed & removed. It gets locked with the tooth and hence very comfortable to the patient.

4.Removable Dentures (SET):

It can be made of various materials like Acrylic (Plastic like) with metal clasp, Acrylic with metal base, flexible (Soft) Dentures etc.

5.Full Dentures (SET):

Most traditional way of full mouth replacement. Now a day's various high strength materials are used for longevity of set. Proper contouring & fine finish provides natural look to the patient.

6.Over Dentures:

Can be prepared if one, two or few natural teeth are present or by placing 2 to 4 implants. These Dentures provides good retention (Fitting) and stability.

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